FEMMEBIT presents a lineup of nearly 40 innovative female artists working in video and new media in Los Angeles. These artists are changing the status quo while utilizing the newest forms of self-expression through VR, animation, and new media. The screenings and symposiums of FEMMEBIT also question the possibilities of our future— social progress is a recurring framing device this showcase raises with hopeful and imperative initiative.

FEMMEBIT takes place at Human Resources LA (HRLA) in the Chinatown district of Los Angeles. HRLA is a spacious 4,000 square-foot building in a former Kung-Fu movie theater, and has housed work by countless amazing artists such as Dawn Kasper and Fritz Haeg.

FEMMEBIT is produced and managed through the curatorial collaboration and resources extended through Kate Parsons (Co-Founder, FLOAT), Sharsten Plenge, (WOAH - We Open Art Houses), Janna Avner (Artist and Founder, Gil’s Sanctuary), and internationally exhibiting artists Camella Dahn Gim, Julieta Gil and Giselle Zatonyl.

FEMMEBIT programs benefit from a multi-day showcase at HRLA, with participating “satellite” venues enabling the broadcast of select events via livestream. This enables us to provide engagement with a global audience and grow the level of interaction with an established yet fluid and evolving medium.

FEMMEBIT artists range from the “emerging,” to the “mid-career” to the “established”— placed in context with each other, they elicit narratives articulating and provoking a collective dialogue. Among their impressive individual contributions, participating artists have been featured in publications including Interview Magazine, Artforum, BuzzFeed, Los Angeles Times, VICE, Art in America, New York Times, and LA Weekly.


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